Have any questions? Please check out our FAQs!

So is it Vegan?

We are 100% vegan and plant-based! 🌱

How much protein is in it?

YoBe’s have 10 Grams of Protein πŸ’ͺ. Made out of Almond Protein Powder from California Almonds.

So is it Yogurt?

Well, this is a tricky questions. According to milk corporations, any product that is β€œyogurt” that doesn’t contain dairy is not yogurt. So technically, by the Food Oligarchs, we are not! Plus, we don’t add probiotics and if we did they would have be dead through our pasteurization process that provides YoBes their longer shelf life!

What is the shelf-life?

YoBe’s generally last a month and half in the fridge unopened. Once opened we recommend eating within 3 days.

How long can I have it outside the fridge before eating?

We recommend eating it within 3 hours outside fridge. If you want to take it outside for longer periods we recommend freezing them, before to add more time before it perishes.

Can I freeze them?

Hell yea, we recommend putting them in fridge for 30minutes to get a more thick ice creamy texture. They can be saved in fridge for a month or two to help add shelf life and they still taste great.

How much sugar is in it?

We have less than 2Gs of Sugar per pouch.

Is it kid friendly?

Heck yes!! Kids and babies love YoBes!

Are their probiotics/cultures?

Unfortunately, we found probiotics/cultures made YoBes perish more fast. Thus, we focus on providing better macros than any dairy greek yogurt, but providing 10Gs of Protein and only 2 Grams of Sugar. We want to provide a Greek Yogurt creamy experience, but with a better macros. Our long term goal is to add active vegan cultures, but we don’t want to do what most companies do is add dead cultures just to say we have cultures in it.

What is Erythritol?

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol made from plant tissues. It’s natural, doesn’t cause side effects, and tastes almost exactly like sugar β€” without the calories. Its known to be good for diabetics, weight loss, preventing tooth decay, gut decay, and has antioxidant benefits.

How are you sustainable and earth-friendly?

We give 1% of our revenue to the Surfrider Foundation that helps keep our beaches and oceans clean. We will be doing quarterly beach clean ups as well, so follow our social media to get involved. Further, we offer drop-off locations or you can return our pouches to properly recycle them. We are striving to make our pouches made out of recycled material, but we are a lean start up and we are committed to going as green as possible.

Radical Social Responsibility: What do you mean?

We also give a free YoBe to a homeless person for every online order of 12packs. Our founder has been committed to helping the homeless in LA for over a decade. We believe that giving back to those in help provides the greatest ROI in long run!