Build Your Own Bundle of YoBes

Create your own Bundle of YoBes. Let your tastesbuds and heart lead you to the YoBe Pack of your Dreams.

Select Packs sizes from 6-18 Units.

If you create a subscription for either Weekly, Bi-Monthly or Monthly, you get 10% OFF!

Reasons People Love YoBes:

Taste like Ice Cream - Freeze em for Dessert!

札 Take on Adventures: such as Hikes & Trips

Enjoy Outside Fridge for 12 Hours!

Take to Gym, Work, School or Yoga

Great snack for Anytime of the Day

Occasional Meal Replacement

What's in YoBes:

12G of Almond Protein

No-Added Sugar - 2g total

100% Plant Based

孕 Keto, Gluten- & Dairy Free!

妞 Billions of Probiotics for Happy Gut

Organic & Natural Ingredients

Coconut Almond Protein Yogurts